HOKUSAI KATSUSHIKA, Fuji under a downpour at dusk known as Fuji in the storm, Yudachi no fuji , n.52

HOKUSAI KATSUSHIKA, Fuji under a downpour at dusk known as Fuji in the storm, Yudachi no fuji , n.52

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Series : One Hundred Views of Fuji, Fugaku Hyakkei 

Technique: nishikie, woodcuts in two shades of gray.

Format: hanshinbon koban diptych (about 183x253 mm)

Signatures : Zen Hokusai Iitsu aratame Gakyorojin Manji

Artist's seal : Fuji no Yama

Dates : engraved between 1834 – 1836, impressed between 1850 and 1870

Engravers: Egawa Tomekichi and Tsentaro

Publisher: Katano Toshiro.

Splendid proof with good contrasts, in the third edition from the original woodcuts. Printed on Japan paper, in excellent condition, with clean edges all around beyond the marginal line.


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Light and dark, black and white.

Panel that recalls the analogous Sanka haku-u , storm under the summit, Fuji in the storm , from the series Thirty-six views of Fuji .

In this version, Hokusai makes up for the lack of color with a detailed view of the village as the storm approaches.

The wait, saturated with perceptible electricity from the imminent storm, seems to be over; the gloomy darkness of the clouds swollen with rain that has plunged the village is pierced by a bolt of lightning which vividly illuminates the small human figures, bent and huddled under their dochu-gasa , large travel straw hats, in a hasty search for some shelter . The wind sweeps the thatched roofs.

Far away, clear and uncontaminated, the summit of Fuji overlooks the horizontal wings of the clouds: it is the world of serenity that the sacred mountain inspires, a constant point of reference, even in times of storm.

A preparatory drawing of this panel is also known.