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Uneri fuji

Series : One Hundred Views of Fuji, Fugaku Hyakkei

Technique: nishikie, woodcuts in two shades of gray and one of pink.

Format: hanshinbon koban diptych (about 183x253 mm)

Signatures : Zen Hokusai Iitsu aratame Gakyorojin Manji

Seal of the artist : Fuji no Yama

Dates : 1834- 1836.

Engravers: Egawa Tomekichi and Tsentaro

Editors: Nishimura Yuzo, Eirakuya Toshiro.

Beautiful test with good contrasts, in a fourth edition published by Tohikedo in 1852 with the characteristic pink tone. Imprinted on Japan paper, in excellent condition, with uncut margins all around beyond the marginal line.


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Fascinating vision, reflected in the rhythmic ups and downs of the waves.

This view could be interpreted as a continuation of the Kaijo no Fuji drawings, plate 40, and of the Great Wave, Kanagawa oki namiura (the wave off the coast of Kanagawa) from the series of Three Six Views of Fuji .

The sea, after the storm, has calmed down, now the fishermen's boat glides among the waves, some rowers seem to turn to admire the distant Fuji, others to observe its flickering reflection on the water.

The mirror of the waters in perpetual movement in reflecting the light can create fascinating hypnotic games.

Real or reflected, intuited or imagined, the fulcrum of the whole scene is and remains the omnipresence of the mountain, divine, elusive and mysterious.