HOKUSAI KATSUSHIKA, The dragon and the wind

HOKUSAI KATSUSHIKA, The dragon and the wind

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Series : Denshin kaishu Hokusai Manga (Education of beginners through the spirit of things).

Technique : Color woodcut (nishikie) in two shades of gray and one variable of pink.

Format : diptych koban (about mm.180×248) are engraved on two plates of koban format.

Signatures : Toto gako zen Hokusai sensei Katsushika Taito hitsu.

Date : executed between 1814 and 1849.

Publishers : Eirakuya and Katano Toshiro.

Delicate proof in an edition datable around the second half of the 19th century. Printed on Japan paper. In perfect condition, with a small margin all around.


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