HIROSHIGE UTAGAWA I, Iki Province: Shisa, Iki, Shisa

HIROSHIGE UTAGAWA I, Iki Province: Shisa, Iki, Shisa

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Nishiki-e . Color woodcut, signed in plate: Hiroshige hitsu

Series: Rokuyu-yoshu meisho zue. Views of Famous Places of the Sixty Different Provinces of Japan. n. 68.

Date: 1856 year of the dragon third month

Format: oban tate-e (mm. 343x225)

Censor: aratame

Publisher: Koshimuraya Heisuke (Koshihei)

Wonderful test with excellent colors with visible in the upper part the effect of the mokumezuri base wood grain characteristic of the most ancient tests and of bokashi (shades of color).

Imprinted on Japan paper, datable to the second half of the 19th century. In perfect condition except for a fold on the edge of the lower part of the sheet. With good margins all around beyond the marginal line.

Bibliography: Marije Jansen, Hiroshige Journey, Hotei, Amsterdam, 2004, n.68; Ukiyo-e shûka , Sogakkan, Tokyo Vol. 14 (1981), Hiroshige list, p. 249, ôban n.64.09, Memorial Cat.219, Edward F. Strange n.68, Basil Stewart Cap.XVIII, van Vleck (pages 94-101). 

Museum of Fine Art Boston: https://collections.mfa.org/objects/326759/

Panoramic view of Iki Island from Takenotsuji Mountain. The island is located between the Kyushu territory and the Tsushima archipelago, in southern Japan, now Nagasaki prefecture.